Five Special Gift-Giving Techniques That Make More For You

The 5 Special Gift Giving Techniques That Make More For You

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There is an art to selecting ad giving gifts. Study—then apply—the techniques suggested below. They will make gift giving far more fun and rewarding, too.

Rule 1: The Most Powerful Gifts Are Intangible

A phone call to a lonely person, a personal visit to a sick friend, a handwritten note saying thanks for a favor—these gifts carry far greater impact than a bunch of flowers, a standardized greeting card, or a basket of fruit.


The intangible gifts suggest, “I really do care about you.” The common store-bought gifts, on the other hand, say, “I’ve met my obligation to remember you.

Rule 2: When You Give A Tangible Gift, Tailor It To The Receiver’s Interest

Each gift we give should say, “I know you—your interests, needs, wants, and desires.

Tailor your gifts to the interests if the receivers. And add your personal touch to every gift you give.

Rule 3: Put Thought Value, Not Money Value, Into Your Gift

Here is a valid generalization. There is no relationship between how much you spend for a gift and how much it is appreciated. People respect a gift in terms of how much thought you (the giver) put into it.

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Rule 4: Give When It’s Least Expected

Just about everyone expects to receive receive gifts at Christmas, on their birthdays, on their wedding anniversary, and maybe Valentine’s Day. We expect gifts on those occasions.

And because the gifts are expected, they are often not appreciated, but are taken for granted and leave no deep imprint on the receiver’s mind. Often they do joy convey what a true gift should: “I care about you; I’m thinking of you; I want to add to your pleasure; I want to share some of my good fortune with you.

Now the truly powerful gift is one that comes as a surprise to the receiver.

One critical key to giving I’d to give when you want to, not when you’re expected to.

Rule 5: Give More Of You. Make The Second Effort

One amazing fact is the very small difference in performance between the extraordinarily successful and successful people.

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Physicians, engineers, salespeople, lawyers, managers—people in every field—can become extraordinary performers just by giving a little more of themselves to the work at hand.


Try it. Whatever you’re doing, put 10% more into it. Join the extraordinary achievers. It means more fun and more cash.

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