10 Keys On Artiste Development For Every Music Artiste

Music Artistes Development keys

Development Keys For Music Artistes

Artiste Development is the process a musician goes through to develop their craft and the skills necessary to build a professional career in the music industry. The process involves, vocal training, songwriting, A&R direction, development of sound and direction, artist persona development, image and branding, music and video production, live performance development, marketing message and career planning and strategy.

As an artiste developer, we create a plan to help the artiste uplevel their music to the level where they stand out in the marketplace. This is necessary to attract the opportunities you need to move forward with your career. Knowing the best next steps is key.

Keys on artiste Development

10 Keys On Artiste Development For Every Music Artiste

1. Artiste Development Assessment + Timeline

The first thing we want to establish when working with an artiste is — where are you on your path? Each artiste needs a personalized plan to fit their needs.

Are you an:

  • Aspiring Artiste
  • Emerging Artiste
  • Established Artiste

Next, we want to establish a timeline from where you are now to the next phase of your development or career. There are phases and stages for each artiste. It’s important to touch on all of the skills and knowledge required to excel in your career. It’s also important to do it in the right phases so as not to jump ahead or fall behind when those aspects are not relative to where you are right now – and also not to miss anything vital. For instance — focusing too much on social media before you have music out which takes your focus away from the foundational elements of becoming a really good singer, songwriter and performer – without which no amount of marketing will make up for. Or on the other end — focusing too much on your musicianship when you need to be out in the world more! Knowing the exact right things to do for you at the right times in your career can not only save time but a lot of heartache and delays.

2. Developing Stellar Musicianship + Skills

Your voice, your songs, your musicianship, and your performance skills are the bedrock of a successful career. Without even one of them, you’re not ready to fly – not yet! Work on your music, every day – even if it’s just for 20 minutes. If you really want this, you have to have the motivation and dedication to devote time to your development. It’s critical.

3. Building the Right Song Catalog


Your songs are a big piece of your career. Whether you write your own songs or are looking to, you should. I used to tell my early vocal students that if they want to be successful in this business that they need to learn how to write songs.

Every artiste has holes in different places that they need to fill in to round out their skills.

4. A&R Direction: Developing Your Sound + Direction

Finding, refining or developing your sound and direction is EVERYTHING.

It starts by examining and exploring your natural instincts, leaning into that and then amplifying what you find alongside the guidance from experts who will be able to mine the gold from your hidden natural talent. Every artiste has a unique expression and gifts to bring that are often missed or not expressed early enough.

5. Recording + Production

Knowing when to put music out, in what capacity is key to developing the connection with your listeners. It starts by taking the temperature of your career. Is it time for a couple of Singles, an EP or an LP? What does your audience need from you and why?

We see artistes hop too much on trends. Like thinking singles will build your career more. But singles don’t create a career because it’s not a body of work for your listeners to sink their teeth into. Singles are good initially, but it’s not going to do that much for you. Singles should be released in a sequence (2 or 3 8 weeks apart) followed up with a 7 song EP or 10 song LP depending on where you are at in your career. At a certain point an LP is really important to put you on the map.

And then there’s the issue of finding the right producer. Those of you who have music out in the marketplace know exactly what we’re talking about. Working with the right producer and professional team that knows how to help you carve a unique sound and make a record that make a statement and carries a strong message that can help you stand out in the marketplace is essential.

6. Artiste Persona + Branding

This is the fun stuff! Building the artiste persona, finding the right name, building out the branding or rebranding is such a key element in the impacting listeners and building your community.

7. Creating a Artiste Business Plan + Pitch Deck

Every artiste going into the business needs a business plan. You can Google them to get an idea of how to get started.

Your business plan starts with your Mission Statement and your Story. Your Mission Statement is what you want your music to do for your listeners. The community of people you want to serve. The reason why you do music. It should have your heart in it.

Your Story is the building of your story about who you are as an artist. It comes from your life. Not so much about how you got into music but choosing key elements from your life and parts of your story that make you stand out.

8. Record Release + Marketing Message and Strategy

Every time you release a new product in the marketplace it’s an opportunity to introduce yourself to a new audience and/or reintroduce yourself to your existing audience.

The record release plan needs a strong marketing message for the record and for each individual single (that fits under the umbrella of the overall artiste marketing message.) This is crucial, because the music won’t completely speak for itself. It’s the message and the visual that will make people click play or not. It’s an art.

Start by writing out your record release plan and marketing message and the strategy you want to use — how you will release. On what platforms and for how long. All of the details you can think of — and plan at least 6 months ahead of a release. The key is building out your marketing message – the key elements that makes people click “play” and opt-in to your world! There’s a lot to do, but without the right marketing message and visuals releases can fall flat. You want to ensure that hard work will pay off. Think “what’s in it for them” – not you! People respond to content that connects with them and offers some value.

9. Build the Right Team + Marketing Partners

Living the dream in music is all about planning ahead, getting into the nitty-gritty details, putting out a high level product — and finding the right people to work with. Who is your dream team?

Working with mentors in the industry can help you find those key team players and partners.

10. The Right Industry Introductions

The music industry is a small place but it’s also a big place. For artistes there are lots of choices these days for who to work with. But not everyone can do something for you! Its important to look for people or companies that represent your genre when it comes to labels, licensing and marketing partners. Different genres have different pockets of professionals to work with – and it is smart to connect with people who like the same kind of music.

Hope you are satisfied with this blogpost.

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