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Health Benefits Of Chateau Vartely Pastoral Red Wine

Pastoral sweet red wine

Chateau Vartely Reveals Some Health Benefits Of Their Pastoral Red Wine

Chateau Vartely is a  wine company known for the producing sweet wines. They recently revealed the health benefits of drinking their latest produced wine, “Pastoral Red Wine“.

According to them, below are some health benefits of their Pastoral Sweet Red Wine:

1) It is Rich in Antioxidants

Pastoral Sweet Red Wine has high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols that are great for your health.

Health benefits of pastoral red wine

2) It Regulates Your Blood Sugar Levels

Sweet red wine is excellent for controlling your blood sugar levels. A specific compound that is found in the skins of grape skins was found to regulate blood sugar levels, as well as cholesterol.

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3) It Helps with Colds and Flu

One of the benefits of these high antioxidants mentioned before, is its ability to treat common colds and flu.


4) Our Pastoral Red Wine is Good for Heart Health

The polyphenols found in Pastoral red wine help prevent unwanted clotting in the arteries. There is also a type of protein found in wine that protects the heart from inflammation.

Pastoral sweet red wine

5) It Improves Sleep

Our Red wine has relatively high levels of melatonin that is an essential natural hormone for regulating sleep patterns. It was found that the melatonin in red wine helps people to fall asleep more quickly and also achieve a better night of sleep.

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Drink Pastoral Sweet Red Wine today!

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