Business Coach And Accountant, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze Reveals Her 6-Step Process To Grow An Audience And Make Money On Social Media

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze’s 6-Step Process To Grow An Audience And Make Money On Social Media

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Nigerian Business Coach, Accountant and Public Speaker, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze has made known her 6-step process to growing an audience and making money on social media.

Chioma made the known via a post on her Facebook account which was titled,



“In this 2023, I want you to blow on social media. So I took time to document very very very clearly some simple steps to follow,” says Chioma.

1. Define to yourself in your quietness who you want people to see you as.

An Igbo teacher who promotes Igbo language?

A mother who loves healthy eating?

A sales expert who loves small businesses?

A natural hair enthusiast who loves black women hair?

Who do you want us to know you as?

Without this clarity to thyself, you will be dancing around on social media and we will not understand you.

2. Come out boldly and tell us who you are.

After you have confirmed to yourself who you are, then announce it to us so we can understand you.

  • Write your bio accross social media.
  • Baptize yourself with a title.
  • Declare boldly who you say you are.

3. Become a strong and consistent voice for who you say you are.

Publish original content relating to who you say you are.

Use the form of content that you are most comfortable with.

  1. Chioma loves to write.
  2. Someone else loves to do videos.
  3. Another loves audio.
  4. Another loves pictures.
  • Chioma writes long form on Facebook.
  • Someone else writes short form on Twitter.
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Choose whichever content you love and do it consistently.

Just publish content that re-emphasize who you say you are.

4. Be different and memorable.

Find your own uniqueness.

Just something different about you that keeps you in our minds.

  • Maybe your writing tone.
  • Maybe your dressing.
  • Maybe your voice.
  • Maybe your simplicity.
  • Maybe your use of pidgin English.

Just find that uniqueness that stands you out from all others doing that same thing.

Chioma’s tone of simplicity stands me out from every accountant that you know.

There’s just this air of simplicity when you see my work or you think about me as against other accountants.

Aproko Doctor teaches us medical things in a playful way. I don’t know any other doctor like him. He is unique.

5. Give it time, making money on social media is not a magic wand. Give more time for your content to enter our body and our mind.

Just keep creating and publishing content.

Not random content o.

Focus on content that re-emphasize who you say you are.

  • More and more content.
  • Original content that we cannot find anywhere else.
  • Sweet content.
  • Well thought content.
  • Content that people will love to share.
  • Content that people will love to save.
  • Content that people will tag their loved ones.
  • Not yeye content.

Keep dropping it.

We are seeing.

Stay consistent.

We are seeing.

6. Monetize.


Launch your first money-making venture.

  1. A course?
  2. A book?
  3. A sponsored radio show?
  4. A community?
  5. A masterclass?
  6. A paid Whatsapp group?
  7. A physical product?

Whatever it is that relates to what you are known for.

  • Sell that your first product with joy.
  • Market it more and more.
  • Keep creating content.
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More product ideas will come.

Collaborations will come.

More doors will open.

  • Stay consistent.
  • Keep doing your thing.
  • Build people connections.
  • Learn from others.
  • Keep doing your thing.
  • Keep improving.

Na so dem dey take blow on social media.

Chioma ended thus:


This 2023, use my 6-Step process and launch out on social media.

I am waiting for you.

The world is waiting for you.

There is space for all of us, because we each bring our uniqueness.

Come, and blow on social.

This is my 2023 wish for you.

That you share with the world that amazing part of you and the world blesses you with income for it.

I love you!

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